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GPYHA Learn to Skate Program

Learn to Skate Staff

Mike Meech


This is a fun program open to boys and girls. Sessions are held once per week on Saturday mornings at Lynch Arena in Pawtucket and are approximately 50-60 minutes in length. The program runs from mid-October to mid-March.

Our Program:
The objective of this program is to teach the fundamental skating skills necessary to play the game of hockey. In addition, a small level of instruction on stick handling, shooting and passing will be provided, but clearly the emphasis will be on skating which is the most important skill any hockey player needs.

Equipment Needed:
In an effort to make your child’s first day a fun and safe event, we ask you to dress your child in complete hockey equipment: Helmet with face guard; good fitting skates (if you buy new ones please remember to have them sharpened!); gloves, hockey pants, shoulder pads, shin pads and elbow pads. We will supply you with a practice jersey. Last item: A big SMILE! This is fun.

Website & Schedule:
Please get into the habit of using our website to check for schedule changes. Our website address is Once on the main page you can click the link on the left labeled Learn to Skate and then for the schedule click on the left tab marked Schedule. We usually post the schedule a month in advance and we usually try to save the ice times for our Learn to Skate program. Sometimes things happen beyond our control and we may have to change the dates or times.  We will try to post and/or email changes or as soon as we know but please get into the habit of checking the schedule and/or email the night before. 

Locker Rooms:
Please check the monitor in the lobby for the assigned a locker rooms and please only use the locker rooms you are assigned. Although a locker room may appear empty it is actually reserved for the next group going out on the ice, so please use only the assigned rooms. 

Rink Information:
Dennis M. Lynch Arena
25 Andrew Ferland Way
Pawtucket, RI 02860
View map and directions

Rink Policy:
It is the parent’s responsibility to monitor the behavior of non-playing children inside the rinks we rent ice from. All rinks have rules about running, climbing, and ball playing, stick use, etc., please make sure children are following their rules. Ice is difficult to rent, and GPYHA does not want to jeopardize any of our rental contracts due to behavior issues. Individuals or teams will be held financially responsible for any destruction of rink property.