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GPYHA FAQs - General

How are travel team season fees structured?

The overall travel team season fee is comprised of a few components:

  • Tryout Fee: $100 - This is a fee that members pay when registering for travel team tryouts in March/April. This fee is ultimately credited against the overall season registration fee.
  • Roster Commitment Fee: $150 - To enable GPYHA to plan for an impending season's ice time, there is a $150 fee for each Mite, Squirt, PeeWee and Bantam player assigned to a roster after tryouts. This fee was due in April and guarantees a player's roster position on the team.  This fee will be credited to the overall season registration fee.
  • Season Registration Fee: Amount varies according to level - This is the overall amount due for a player to participate in the impending travel team season (published on the registration/fees page of our website). This fee does not account for the deduction of the Tryout Fee and Roster Commitment Fee, which will be deducted from the total Season Registration Fee.

How can I subscribe to a schedule on my desktop/laptop, or mobile device?

Why do I get email blasts about teams that my children aren’t on?

Any article that is posted to the website and the weekly updates are sent out to the entire league. We do not send out emails to just one group or team. Coaches may send out emails to just their team if there is a team update. We feel it is important to keep the entire league informed about announcements or events that the league is working on. If you aren’t getting the blasts contact us at

Where can we park at Brown?

Will Mite Travel players be allowed to skate with the Mite house league?

We feel that having the mite travel players skating with the mite house players is a great benefit. It allows the travel players to continue to work on their skills and it helps the mite house players with what to anticipate when they move to travel.

In the past mite house has always been mandatory for the mite travel players. With busy schedules many travel players find it difficult to attend the house league skills and practices.

When the teams meet for games we try to make sure that the travel player lines are matched up with other travel team lines so that travel players aren’t going up against players that are solely house league players.

We will continue to allow travel players to participate this season but we will monitor the attendance levels. If we feel that the travel players aren’t attending, we may decide to discontinue this added benefit for next season.

Where can I get information about Travel team tryouts?

Why do we skate at two rinks?

We are fortunate to be able to host some of our games and practices at Brown University's Meehan Auditorium. With that luxury is a downfall as well. The Brown Men’s and Women’s hockey teams have the first choice for ice, so sometimes we can’t get the ice we would like to have.

Every league would love to be able to have ice from 6-9 every night and then during the weekends. Meehan Auditorium is a busy place and during the week we can only get ice from 7:45-10:00PM once the college teams start practicing. Weekends are even tougher if there are home college games. We can’t be on the ice 3 hours prior to one of their games.

We are not the only league that utilizes Meehan Auditorium. Brown Youth Hockey, the RI Sting and the local high schools also use the ice at Meehan Auditorium, so we all have to share what is available. The younger teams such as mites can’t be going on to the ice at 7:45 so we have to supplement that ice.

Since the merger with Pawtucket Youth Hockey we have added ictime at the Blackstone Valley Sportscenter a.k.a Lynch Arena and felt that we were keeping the ice more in the “Greater Providence” area.  In addition we are looking into adding midweek ice at other rinks such as Driscoll and the Bubble as such ice becomes available.

Why is picture day held in two sessions?

We usually do the travel teams at the beginning of the season when we have ice to put the teams on back to back. Those pictures should be in before the holidays.

The second session is for the house and instructional groups. Teams for the house leagues will be chosen in late November and once that is done we will schedule pictures. Usually those groups get done at the beginning of December.

If you have additional questions please feel free to send an email at  We can also be reached individually by our contact information on the executive tab on our website.