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Coaches & Administrators - Code of Conduct

Coaches’ Guidelines

You must be a Certified Coach.  To be certified you must meet 4 requirements.  All requirements must be met to attend any on ice or off ice session.

  1. Certified at the appropriate Level of Play or above and card must not be expired.  This certification is obtained at the coach’s clinics performed by USA Hockey.  (You will be reimbursed.)
  2. Online age appropriate module.  (You will be reimbursed.)
  3. All coaches are required to register with USA Hockey and provide proof of their registration to GPYHA.
  4. All coaches are required to complete a background check.
  5. Must have a team meeting to go over rules within the first week.  Kids should sign off on rules and code of conduct.
  6. Must have a parent meeting, with a parent letter explaining rules and goals for the year (sample attached to the coaching manual)

Coach’s Code of Ethical Conduct and Agreement

  1. To abide by all association rules.
  2. To respect your fellow coaches and work together in a cooperative manner.
  3. To understand that coaches need to support each other on and off the ice.
  4. To never criticize or bad-mouth your fellow coaches.
  5. To never criticize your players in any circumstances, especially in front of parents.
  6. To keep your relationship with parents strictly professional.
  7. To not be confrontational or abusive in word or deed to fellow coaches, parents, and/or players.
  8. To establish and enforce team discipline and rules on and off the ice with no exceptions and/or favoritism.
  9. To meet the general and basic expectations of level developmental plans set forth.
  10. To understand that coaches will not be evaluated based on win-loss records but rather on the degree of progress and advancement of individual and team skills.
  11. To attend mandatory coaches meetings, clinics, tryouts, etc.
  12. To refrain from using or being under the influence of tobacco and/or alcohol containing products in front of players.
  13. To lead by example and set a high standard of conduct that the community and hockey association including coaches, parents, and players will be proud of.
  14. Promote team first attitude and not individual play.
  15. Be respectful of officials and promote sportsmanship at all times.  Be gracious winners and gracious losers.  (Coaches should not outwardly criticize, question or make demonstrable actions that would give the impression to the players that the referee’s authority is not being given the proper respect.  Any questions should be done in a one on one sidebar with the official outside of the players hearing.)
  16. Never criticize the league or management.
  17. Promote the league that is how we grow.
  18. Coaches are expected to be in the locker room at least twenty minutes prior to the scheduled ice time for all practices and games.
  19. A coach must accompany the players off the ice and into the locker room following all games and practices.  No kids are allowed in the locker room alone.
  20. The Head Coach is responsible for providing a season-end evaluation for each player.  The evaluation should include a synopsis of strengths and weaknesses of each player.
  21. Coaches should realize that the team is made of all the players selected.
  22. Give fair and equal treatment to all players.  Fair Ice time…
  23. Only certified coaches or volunteers are allowed on the ice and locker room. If a parent needs to be in the locker for medical reasons, to get their child dressed, they must leave as soon as the task is complete.
  24. Teach the correct rules of hockey.
  25. Teach and condone "clean" hockey only.

There will be no abusive or foul language in the locker room, on the bench, or on the ice by coaches or players.  Be mindful that the players may come from homes that may forbid certain words or expressions that you would find acceptable. 

Coaches Grievance Procedure

If you, as a coach in GPYHA, have a problem or a concern regarding a team parent, player, or anything else, we encourage you to act promptly and resolve the issue as soon as possible.  If your problem or concern is still unresolved, you must follow the steps below.  No exceptions!  Things can escalate quickly.

  1. Meeting 1
    • Coach and Team Manager » Parent
  2. Meeting 2
    • Coach, Team Manager and level coordinator » Parent
  3. Meeting 3
    • Coach, Team Manager and board » Parent » Level Coordinator

At any time if you feel it is a major issue, please contact the Board immediately.
Appeal Process will be handled by the Board.
The following acts are considered inappropriate behavior towards a coach:

- Violence towards a coach.
- Any form of intimidation or abusive language.
- Continual harassment of a coach, whether direct or indirect, via any type of media.
These acts will result in a board review with consequences based on the league’s by-laws
In Conclusion

  • The Head Coach has the freedom to run the team but must comply with the spirit and letter of the rules, policies, and guidelines established by the League.
  • At the Head Coach's discretion, in accordance with team rules, loss of playing time may be used for disciplinary reasons such as non-attendance at practices and games, tardiness, not following instructions, unsportsmanlike conduct, intent to injure, etc.