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Parents - Code of Conduct

  • Do not yell at refs, coaches, or players during a game.
  • Refrain from using foul language and profanity.
  • Do not coach from the stands.  This distracts kids and makes it hard for coaches to give them direction.
  • Do not re-coach your kids.  Coaches have had extensive trainings and work with-in a plan. Re-coaching your kids or de-coaching your kids will only cause confusion.
  • Set example for your kids.  The lessons they learn now stay with them for life.
  • Set tone for sportsmanship.  Never talk bad about another kid at home, in the car, etc.
  • Do not promote dirty or illegal play. 
  • You are not allowed in the locker room unless you are a certified coach or volunteer. At lower levels you can help get your child dressed/undressed but once this task is completed you must leave the locker room
  • No phones or cameras in the locker room.
  • If a parent has a grievance or concern regarding a coach, they should contact their Level Director first.  If the problem persists, they can contact the board.  Parents should not approach coaches in the locker room or rink.  Unless it’s an emergency, it’s always good to wait 24 hours so that things are clearly thought out.
  • Let the kids have fun, this is their team and their game, let them have fun playing it….


If the GPYHA Board receives a report of any of the above conduct, we reserve the right to take any and all actions necessary to prevent future occurrences.