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Players - Code of Conduct

  • No hitting, striking or any abuse toward another player is allowed.  Hockey sticks are a weapon and can cause serious injury.   We need to keep the kids safe.
  • Yelling at players, refs, coaches, etc. will not be tolerated.  Unsportsmanlike offenses will result in suspension (shift, period or game).
  • Sportsmanship at all times…gracious winners and losers.
  • No intent to injure our teammates or opponents.  A penalty that is deemed to be intent to injure will result in suspension (shift, period or game).
  • Be a good teammate, no bullying or harassing another child will be tolerated (See Anti-Bullying Policy).
  • No foul language.
  • No horse play in the locker room, on the ice or elsewhere at the rink.

If any of these rules are broken, we will work on a 3 strike system, however we reserve the right to escalate the response based on the severity of the infraction and other aggravating circumstances.

  • 1st strike, child sits a period or rest of practice.
  • 2nd strike, child sits a game and practice but must attend.
  • 3rd strike, board/diciplinary committee review with parents.

Playing in our league is a privilege, not a right.  The GPYHA board can refuse or revoke membership of players that are unable to meet the requirements of this Code of Conduct.