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GPYHA Learn to Skate, Instructional Hockey and House League Programs

08/13/2014, 10:30pm EDT
By Chris Griffin

Now that you’ve seen our ad or our signs, let’s explain what our introductory programs are all about and how they may work for you!


This is a fun program open to boys and girls between the ages of 4-8. Sessions are held once per week on Sunday mornings at Lynch Arena in Pawtucket or Meehan Auditorium at Brown University (depending on available ice) and are approximately 50-60 minutes in length. The program runs from early October to mid-March.

The objective of this program is to teach the fundamental skating skills necessary to play the game of hockey. In addition, a small level of instruction on stick handling, shooting and passing the puck will be provided, but clearly the emphasis will be on skating which is the most important skill any hockey player needs.

Equipment Needed:  In an effort to make your child’s first day a fun and safe event, we ask you to dress your child in the following equipment: Helmet with face guard; good fitting skates (if you buy new ones please remember to have them sharpened!); gloves, and elbow pads. Optional equipment: hockey pants, shoulder pads, and shin guards. We will supply you with a practice jersey and recommend a light jacket or sweatshirt under this jersey. Last item: A big SMILE! This is fun.

This program is the next step for boys and girls after a season in our Instructional program.  It too is a ton of fun, with the emphasis again on skating, yet introducing edges and better skating control, more hockey skills and fun round robin games.
This program meets Saturday and Sunday mornings also at Lynch and at Brown’s Meehan Ice rink.  Mite House continues to make children love the sport of hockey and has been noted as the best in the state for a number of years, producing good little hockey players.  We will supply the kids with jerseys and place them on a team.  Additionally, we have our own “mini boards” that divide the ice into three rinks that permit the young players to have small ice games - a proven method of permitting all the kids to play more hockey, touch the puck more often, and improve at a faster rate - all while having a ball.   Lastly, it is not mandatory to come out of our Instructional program to play in Mite House.  Kids that can skate on their own and want to learn to play hockey are welcome too.  
This unique program accommodates kids who may be late to starting hockey, know how to skate now and want to learn to play hockey.  They are now beyond the 8 year old cut off for Mite House and cannot play there, but need a place to play, learn to be better skaters, learn the game of hockey, gain hockey skills, and play games each weekend.   We can accommodate kids 9 thru 12 years of age. Historically, this program has been a lot of fun for all who have been through it.  
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QUESTIONS?  MORE INFO?  Email us at and we will be glad to answer any questions and fill you in.  GREATER PROVIDENCE YOUTH HOCKEY.  We’ve been doing hockey right for over 40 years!

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